Fossil Falls

A trip to Fossil Falls takes you into someof the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. We're talking about the Owens Valley and eastern Sierra Nevada. If you've never been to either, get off this stupid computer and go. If you have, or if it's too late in the day to start, then read on. If you're approaching Fossil Falls from the south on Highway 395, you'll find it 11.9 miles north of Pearsonville. If you're approaching from the north, it is 4.6 miles south of Coso Junction. The best road map (not topographic map) for us is the Triple-A Death Valley National Park Guide Map.

A word about Pearsonville. You'll find a gas station and a couple of fast food joints there so you won't starve; the most unique thing about this town is that it advertises itself as "The Hubcap Capital of the World." Make sure your kids know the import of this. Don't believe us? See the picture.

There are one or two other oddities, such as a thirty foot tall yellow-blonde woman with a 60s hairdo and miniskirt welcoming you to the city park, and a yard on the west side of 395 containing thousands of (you guessed it) hubcaps. Each is undoubtedly worth a picture, but since our mission that day was to photograph Fossil Falls and not Pearsonville, we waived that particular photo op and proceeded to our destination.

The Fossil Falls roadside BLM sign tells you to use Cinder Road, but Cinder Road isn't very clearly marked. If you're headed north, Cinder Road is the first turn beyond the Fossil Falls sign, maybe 200 or 300 yards. Make a right (eastbound).