Kramer Junction

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Kramer Junction is a very simple place; it is formed by the intersection of Highway 58 and Highway 395. Over the years a few restaurants, gas stations, souvenir shops, convenience stores, a Burger King and a Subway, have grown up around this tiny desert intersection. If you are eastbound, Kramer Junction offers the first decent snack stop after Mojave; if you are westbound it is your last snack stop and bathroom break before Mojave. The entire junction, along with a huge power substation, is crammed into the relatively small space of two or three hundred acres and if it wasn't for the traffic light you could pass through and never know you were there. We think that forced stop at the traffic light is what supplies the clientele to the various businesses that have accumulated at Kramer.

Kramer's only claim to fame, beyond being the only place to make sure your brakes still work between Mojave and Barstow, can be seen if you rent the 1962 movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." When Spencer Tracy, playing a policeman, points to a map and informs a fellow character "When they [the criminals] get to the crossroads they'll turn south," he's pointing at Kramer Junction.

This, in a nutshell, is Kramer Junction (on highway 58 looking west):