Below are some great sites about the Mojave. Please check them out.


Hamish Reid's wonderful website "California Driving: a Survival Guide" is primarily intended for drivers visiting California from the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, but even if you're a native Californian born on a freeway, you'll love this site and learn something useful and safe. Lots of good stuff about desert driving, as well as California driving in general.

Ever wondered what all those funky freeway signs mean and how they came to be? Ever wondered what the concrete ribbon you're on looked like fifty years ago? Visit "California Highways" by Daniel Faigin. Great photos past and present, and be sure to check out his pages on the Hoover Dam bypass and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Great stuff!

Before you head for the Mojave, a check of the weather bureau website is a must. Click here for western Mojave, eastern Mojave, and southern Mojave.

After you check the weather, you'll need the latest info on road conditions. This site will get you conditions on the major roads, but for the smaller and the unpaved roads, you'll have to make a local inquiry before you leave the pavement. Be sure you do!