NASA 008

While on a sojourn through the western Mojave on Sunday, January 27, 2008, we spied through the rain an airplane-shaped object which appeared to be just inside the boundary of Edwards Air Force base. Airplanes at Edwards are obviously nothing unsual, but since this airplane showed the silhouette of a long unused airframe, we thought we'd investigate. What we saw was one of the most historic airplanes in the world, and it had just been installed as Edwards' latest "gate guard," i.e., a retired airplane placed on display at the entrance gate at a U.S. Air Force Base. Known as "NASA 008," or just simply "008," (pronounced "zero-zero-eight"), it is being installed at the gate as a proud display and symbol of the flight test work that has been conducted at Edwards AFB for the last six decades.

Here she is (November 24, 2007) as seen from the Edwards AFB off ramp overpass on Highway 58:

And here she is...lookin' cool: