Suggested Readings

Following are some titles that may enhance your Mojave experience, assist you in finding new places to explore, or explain what you see going on when you get there. We've found these books informative as well as downright fun. Except for the first one listed, we present them in no special order. Happy reading!

Abbey, Edward: The Monkey Wrench Gang

Abbey, Edward: Desert Solitaire

Reisner, Marc: Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, Revised Edition

Darlington, David: The Mojave: A Portrait of the Definitive American Desert

Darlington, David: Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles

Manly, Lewis: Death Valley in '49

Kirk, Ruth: Exploring Death Valley

Hart, John: Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future

Abbey, Edward: Down the River

Abbey, Edward: Beyond the Wall: Essays from the Outside

Abbey, Edward: One Life at a Time, Please

Abbey, Edward: Abbey's Road

Abbey, Edward: The Journey Home

Harris, Stephen L.: Fire Mountains of the West: The Cascade And Mono Lake Volcanoes